The Gut Microbiome and your Health

Did you know that you have bacteria, fungi,viruses all living happily within you?

Collectively these microbes are called the Microbiome.

Whilst some bacteria are associated with disease there are some that are extremely important for the functioning of your body and have involvement with your immune system, your weight and much much more.

There are literally trillions of these microbes, living within you and on your skin. The microbes that are found mainly in your large intestine are known as the Gut Microbome.

These tiny life forms live in a symbiotic relationship within you. A symbiotic relationship is a mutually beneficial relationship, one working hand in hand with another.

For various reasons this symbiotic relationship can sometimes get unbalanced and that is where it can cause health problems for you.

For example taking too many antibiotics can cause the good bacteria in your gut to die and when this happens you might have a problem with something called Candida albicans. Candida lives in the gut and is kept in balance by your gut flora so it generally doesn’t cause you a problem, but if your gut bacteria become unbalanced it can thrive and grow out of balance. When this happens it can cause you a multitude of issues.

Keeping and building a good Gut Microbiome is critical for good health. There is lots of research going on around this and we are finding out more and more all the time. The Gut has also been called the second brain and it is believed to have an impact on how we feel.

To find out more and to learn more about how you can create and maintain a healthy Gut Microbiome follow this link


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