NLP is a set of techniques that help you to quickly and easily make long lasting change. It’s been in use for around 50 years.

NLP can help you to modify or even eliminate your existing behaviours which are not helping you. It’s most definitely not new age or woo woo. It’s an effective and rapid psychological change therapy, which is capable of addressing a wide range of different issues and challenges.

How can NLP help you?

So for example you are struggling with a phobia, have a fear of public speaking, suffering from lack of confidence or self-esteem. Or perhaps you are in sales and want to improve your sales techniques. There are many ways that NLP can help you.

NLP could be described as a methodology based on the premise that all our behaviours are based on a structure and a process. These structures can be learned, and even taught. So for example if you analyse a successful speaker you will notice that have a strategy or a recipe if you like. By breaking down this method and successfully copying or modelling you too can become a successful speaker.

NLP can help you get rid of old unwanted habits and behaviours and help you to implement better more helpful behaviours.

NLP can help you to get rid of phobias; can help you stop smoking and much more.

The thing about NLP is that it can work really quickly as it connects to our fundamental systems of communicating and interacting with others.

NLP was born in the 1970’s when Richard Bandler began working with John Grinder. They started to analyse the work of Fritz Perls a psychotherapist who was the creator of the Gestalt movement. The broke down his behaviour method and began to copy it. Later they looked at the work of Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson. They found that excellence could be modelled and taught. Basically there was a method for success.

NLP can be used as a stand-alone treatment or it can also be used very effectively with hypnotherapy and coaching.