2 Month Platinum Package

There are house designers, garden designers, kitchen and bathroom designers and more the Soul Wellness Package is about Life Design. Using a combination of techniques like NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT, along with some very special products like Zephorium the aim of this package is put you on the journey to a life that you love. This is an outline of what is included in the Soul Wellness package. It’s a bit like a recipe with you as the special ingredient. You are a unique individual so each package is designed with you in mind. Contact me so I can design your special package.

The package includes the following:

  1. First session Soul Plan Reading (more about Soul Plan here)
  2. Second Session – Getting clarity about what you really want. Using NLP and other techniques the aim of this session is to get really clear about the outcome you desire because let’s face it. If you don’t know where you are going how will you know when you get there.
  3. Third Session – Taking care of the obstacles that hold you back. (possibly 2 sessions). Often, as strange as it may seem you can be our own worst enemy when it comes to making changes. This can be because of old beliefs , old programmes and old habits. Using techniques like NLP, EFT, Coaching and Matrix re-imprinting these sessions aim to remove the road blocks to your desired outcome.
  4. Fourth Session – Focusing on the Positives and implementing change (possibly 2 sessions)
  5. Fifth Session – Tools and Techniques to keep you on track

Investment in you £555 Soul Wellness Coaching package

CURRENT OFFER – running from the 20th January 2021 to 20th February 2021. Free Hug in a Box from Zephorium when you book this package.