During my work with clients I have come across a number of really lovely products.  I quite often use these products during consultations or Soul Plan Readings.  Many clients have asked where they can get these items so I have created a shop so that you can purchase these  products yourself.

I have a number of favourites and it is my aim to add them all here.

The first featured product is Zephorium – these are beautifully packaged Natural Crystal Chakra Aromatherapy products.

These beautiful products are based upon energy attraction and positive thinking. They contain only the finest natural and organic ingredients.

Within each of these collections there are 8 unique tonics to choose from which have been carefully hand blended  and contain pure aromatherapy oil, along with homeopathic crystal energy, affirmations, specific colours and scents that complement the chakras.


Base Chakra – Strength and Grounding -with ruby Crystal and Ylang Ylang oil

Affirmation ” I am a strong a powerful Creator, I am safe and lo

Ruby Crystal Aura Spray and Roller Ball Perfume ~ £30

To access the Zephorium shop to access the full range please follow this link Zephorium Shop here I come!