Jane Harbord : Soul Wellness Coach

Primarily my role is all about supporting you to help you reach your goals. I offer a practical structured system but it all comes from the heart to help you become clear about who you are and what you really want.

  • Get clear about your goals
  • Release negative habits
  • Remove the blocks
  • Follow your dreams

How do I work with you?

All of my work/services are aimed at helping you remove the blocks that you may have. Its about getting in touch with who you really are at that core level. In the process we may uncover old stories, old beliefs, things that no longer serve the you that you are becoming.

Everyone is different, you are a unique spark of consciousness, each day unfolding and expanding into more of who you are.

When I first experienced homeopathy 30 years ago I was really stuck, down and more. After treatment , it felt like I had been carrying around a rucksack full of junk and I had finally put it down.

Soulwellness Coaching is about helping you to become more of who you really are.

You are a diamond and it’s time to shine.

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Currently all sessions are based online via zoom or by Phone.

Jane Harbord

  • Wellness Coach
  • Soul Plan Reader
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist (Diploma)
  • Smoking Cessation Specialist
  • Weight Management Coach


Let’s face it us woman are different from men, particularly when it comes to hormones. Only a woman really understands what it is like to suffer with PMT, only a woman carries a child and gives birth as only a woman has a womb. I know that it has been said that men experience a type of menopause and that could be true but it will still be very different from what a woman experiences.

Hypnotherapy can help with stress , anxiety and lack of sleep.

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