EFT can best be described as energy healing or meridian healing. Meridian healing or energy healing originated in Ayurveda ( ancient Indian science) and also we find the use of meridians used Chinese Medicine. Both these ancient traditions of healing are thousands of years old.

The meridians are also referred to as channels, vessels or pathways. These channels form a continuous network throughout the body linking with all the internal organs. These meridians carry the vital energy known as chi or prana.

There are 14 main meridians in the body with 12 of these being associated with one of the principle internal organs. These meridians can be stimulated in various ways by various natural methods such as massage, finger pressure or tapping on the points.

The basis of acupuncture theory is that by working with the points on the surface of the body the internal functioning of the body can be affected and balanced by manipulating the chi energy. When the Chi energy flows unrestricted through these Meridians both mind and body are in balance ( homeostasis) However lifestyle, stress, dietary issues, abuses etc can upset that balance leading to the balance being upset. If these issues go unchecked then ill health can result.

In this system there is a direct relationship between the person’s emotions and their physical health. We are only just beginning to understand how much our emotions affect our health. Our language uses many terms that would suggest that emotions do affect us.

” I am pissed off” said the person with cystitis

EFT uses points on the meridian system either by tapping on them or just touching and holding. Along side the tapping certain statements are used. So for example if you were working with an anxiety issue then that would be the theme behind the statements.

Gary Craig was the original inventor of EFT. EFT can probably best be described as a mixture of meridian tapping and NLP.

EFT is highly effective in dealing with stress, anxiety, fears and so much more.