Can someone be hypnotised without consent?

No you cannot be hypnotised if you do not want to be.

We see on the media many cases where people are hypnotised on stage and perform strange acts and these people seem to be completely under control of the hypnotist. The important thing to remember is that these people have consented to be hypnotised and before being hypnotised for stage etc they will have been for a series of pre- checks to ensure they are good subjects. When you come to see me as a hypnotherapist, you the client are always in control. You come for a specific reason, e.g. weight loss , smoking cessation, anxiety or something else, so that is the focus of the session is designed specifically for you.

What is hypnosis

The word “hypnos” comes from the Greek word meaning to sleep. The term hypnosis was brought into use in 1840 by a Dr James Braid.

Even if you have never visited a professional hypnotherapist you have probably experienced self hypnosis many times.

Have you ever had the experience of where you are reading a book, or doing something that you were completely engrossed and somebody has said something to you and you have been completely oblivious to them. Perhaps you have been so engrossed that time just seems to have disappeared and you cannot believe what time it is. Or perhaps you meditate or have experienced mindfulness. These would be examples of natural self hypnosis.

During hypnosis would I still be in control

Absolutely yes.

Hypnosis has managed to get some bad press from some of the stage shows. It is really important to know that all the people that appear on these shows have consented to be hypnotised and it is highly likely that they have gone through many stage checks to ensure that they are the “right” candidates. Some people enjoy these types of shows and are very willing to be contestants. Whereas other people would just not want to be part of that type of show , so they wouldn’t volunteer in the first place and therefore they could not be hypnotised.

If you visit for a hypnosis treatment with a reputable therapist then you are always in control, the session is designed completely for you and designed to help make positive changes for your health and well being.