For the love of an Angel

Lord Michael

I feel that Angels have been in my life for a very long time and that Angels support me in my work. More recently their voices have become stronger and they have told me that they wish for more people to know more about them and to ask them for help when required.

What are Angels ?

I have heard them called messengers of God, if you don’t like the word God then perhaps just think of source energy. Source energy is the creative life force of the planet, you will find it everywhere, in the trees, animals, nature, food and everything, even in human beings.

A 17th Century Inventor and Scientist and also Theologian/ mystic called Emanuel Swedenborg detailed his many interactions with Angels. He believed that the purpose of the human race was to become a race of Angels.

There are many well written books out there about Angels so I would encourage you to read these. Authors like Theolyn Cortens, Kyle Gray, Diana Cooper and Stewart Pearce have many books and cards and more.

Angels can and will help you. There are different Angels for different needs, for example Archangel Michael is associated with protection. The thing about Angels is that you have to ask them for help because without you asking, they can’t help as it would be considering interfering. Much like a friend, you need to be able to ask.

For example you can call on Archangel Michael before you travel. Archangel Michael is usually associated with the colour blue, which is a colour of protection. Archangel Michael is often depicted wearing a cape of brilliant sapphire blue.

How Archangel Michael can help

Before you go on a journey you can imagine a Archangel Michael placing his magnificent blue cloak around you surrounding you in his presence.

You could also use these words

Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind,
Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left,
Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below,
Lord Michael, Lord Michael wherever I go

I always call on Archangel Michael before I travel and keep a picture of him in my car.

Car Hearts

Car Hearts

Following a car accident earlier this year I was guided to make “Car Hearts” they are made of felt and I have blended pure essential oils to make an alert protective mix . You just need to drop a few drops onto the heart, and then hang somewhere in your car. The hearts also makes a great natural air freshener. Car Hearts come in many different colours and make a great gift.

I will be writing a post on Archangel Gabriel soon so look out for that and in the meantime may the Angels be with you!

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