Bach Flower Remedies

An Introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies, discovered by Dr Edward Bach.

The Twelve Healers

Dr Bach was a Harley Street Doctor, he qualified in 1912. He dedicated his life to searching for a system of healing that would be free from side effects that would be safe and easy to use. A quote from his book “The Twelve Healers” follows “this system of treatment is the most perfect which has been given to mankind within living memory” “this system of healing, which has been Divinely revealed unto us, shows that it is our fears, our cares, our anxieties and such like that open the path to the invasion of illness”. Dr Bach goes on to say by using these remedies to help balance our emotions that we can be happier and healthier.

There are 38 of these remedies in all and I have found them a wonderful way to help restore emotional balance. Life is full of ups and downs and I always found these remedies so helpful and useful to have on hand. They are just perfect to have on hand for yourself, your family and your pets, to comfort and reassure.


They are very useful for you or your child for a number of issues e.g. lack of confidence, when changing class or starting a new school, low self-esteem, fears and doubts, sadness and so much more.

It is very interesting to note that even traditional western medicine is starting to take notice of the mind body connection and we are only just beginning to realise that emotions play a far greater role in the body’s health than we actually believed or understood.

For several years, studies have been carried out in the area of psychoneuroimmunology, starting to gather evidence of the mind body connection. There are a number of books on the subject for example “the biology of belief” by Dr Bruce Lipton and “how your mind can heal your body” by Dr David R Hamilton. There is much information to suggest that there is a real benefit in treating ourselves holistically and by this I mean Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Rescue Remedy

Dr Bach’s flower remedies can be used at the first sign of an emotional disturbance to comfort and reassure. They can be used effectively alongside traditional medicine as they are extremely dilute and contain only very very small amounts of substance. The best known product using these remedies is a combination using 5 of the remedies in combination; this is called “Rescue Remedy”.

The remedies are made from flowering plants/trees and preserved in alcohol. For adults a few drops can be taken directly into the mouth or rubbed onto the side of the hand, or they can be taken in a small glass of mineral water. For children if there is a concern that the drops are alcohol based then a few drops in a glass of mineral water or just rubbed on the little finger side of the hand.

More recently Rescue Remedy has been made available in pastilles, lip balm and jelly stars. These are readily available in health shops or online.

Compassion and love of humanity

Dr Bach’s Flower Remedies have been developed out of his compassion and love of humanity. These natural preparations are carefully made from flowering plants and are safe, simple and effective.

I plan to take you on a journey of discovery over the coming weeks as I write about these wonderful remedies and the suggested uses for you, your family and pets.

Written by Jane U Harbord LCPH MARH, Homeopath and Wellness Coach

*please note these remedies are complementary to traditional medicine, not a substitute.

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