The World Healing Meditation by John Randolph Price

John Randolph Price was an internationally known lecturer , and best selling author of books on the dynamics of living whole, rich and full lives. He promoted courses in the study on Divine Reality. He left this plane of existence in 2014

In the beginning
In the beginning God
In the beginning God created heaven and Earth.
And God said Let there be Light: and there was light.
Now is the time of the new beginning.
I am a co-creator with God, and it is new Heaven that comes, as Good Will is expressed on Earth through me.
It is the Kingdom of Light, Love, Peace and Understanding.
And I am doing my part to reveal it’s Reality.
I begin with me.
I am a living Soul and the Spirit of God dwells in me, as me
I and the Father are one, and all that the Father has is mine.
In Truth, I am the Christ of God.
What is true for me is true of everyone,
For God is all and all is God.
I see only the Spirit of God in every Soul.
And to every man, woman and child on Earth I say:
I love you, for you are me. You are my Holy Self.
I now open my heart, and let the pure essence of
Unconditional Love pour out.
I see it as a Golden Light radiating from the center of my
being, and I feel its Divine Vibration in and through
me, above me and below me.
I am one with the Light.
I am filled with the Light.
I am illumined by the Light.
I am the Light of the world.
With purpose of mind, I send forth the Light.
I let the radiance go before me to join the other Lights.
I know that this is happening all over the world at this moment.
I see the merging Lights.
There is now one Light. We are the Light of the World.
The one Light of Love, Peace and Understanding is moving.
It flows across the face of the Earth, touching and
Illuminating every soul in the shadow of the illusion.
And where there was darkness, there is now the Light of Reality.
And the Radiance grows, permeating, saturating every  Life now.
All the kingdoms of the Earth respond,
And the Planet is alive with Light and Love.
There is total Oneness, and in this Oneness we speak the Word.
Let the sense of separation be dissolved.
Let mankind be returned to Godkind.
Let peace come forth in every mind
Let love flow forth from every heart.
Let forgiveness rein in every soul.
Let understanding be the common bond.
And now from the Light of the world, the One Presence
And the Power of the Universe responds.
The Activity of God is healing and harmonising the Planet Earth.
Omnipotence is made manifest.
I am seeing the salvation of the Planet before my very eyes,
as all false beliefs and error patterns are dissolved.
The sense of separation is no more; the healing has taken
place, and the world is restored to sanity.
This is the beginning of Peace on Earth and Good Will
toward all, as Love flows forth from every heart,
forgiveness reigns in every soul, and all hearts and
minds are in perfect understanding.
It is done. And it is so.

John founded the Quartus Foundation in 1981,

The Beginning

While writing the book The Superbeings, the author – John R. Price – made contact with a state of consciousness within himself, which he called his Higher Self. During this experience, John asked that the purpose of the book be revealed to him, and the inner voice said:

“To reveal the truth that every man and woman on Earth is more than a human being, that each has the Gift and may rise above all limitations of mind, body and affairs. As the fulfillment you are seeking is found by rising in consciousness, you will be demonstrating the Truth, and as you share these experiences with others, and as they share their experiences with you, you will grow together. You, and others who will join you in the journey, are seeking the Fourth Dimensional Consciousness, which was established within all mankind in the beginning. It is in the depths of your being now, awaiting your rediscovery.

Call your group Quartus. It is not to be a church or a religion. It is to be a foundation for continued research and communications on the Reality and truth of Man and his world. It is to be a platform for the free exchange of ideas, for opening minds, for sharing and growth.

And so The Quartus Foundation was established.

The Quartus Foundation published the Quartus Report, a bimonthly newsletter with articles by John Price as well as articles and insights from member-subscribers. Each issue represented a guide to higher Consciousness, practical steps to enable you to realize your own unlimited potential and make dramatic changes in your life.

The Foundation also held workshops on a variety of topics, all in support of its purpose: “to assist individuals in finding the Light within – and through that Light, to rise above the problems and challenges of this world. In doing so, more light is released into the collective consciousness of mankind for the good of all.

The Quartus Foundation closed in 2018 but I propose to continue sharing John’s work if you are interested in this then please contact me. Follow this link to be taken to John’s book “the workbook for Self-Mastery

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