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Chalice Well – Glastonbury, UK

The Lamplighter Movement

Light a Lamp for Freedom and Peace

Lamplighter Movement Suggested prayer of dedication
I kindle this little light on the earth plane.
I dedicate it to the service of the Spirit.
I guard and cherish this flame as a living symbol and
An act of faith in the reality of the Powers of Light.
May the Beings from Higher worlds see this flame
and kindle its counterpart on the ethereal plane.
May this ethereal light be a channel for the inflow of
the healing powers of the spirit.
May the Love of Christ permeate this building and protect it,
warming the hearts and enlightening the
understanding of all who live in it or enter it.
May the Being whom we know as Michael,
Standard Bearer of the Christ,
Wielder of the Sword of Light,
use this offering,
linking it with all those who have lit the light.
May peace and healing spread through the world
and the regions of the Borderland

I am a companion of Chalice Well in Glastonbury.  One of the benefits of this is a free quarterly journal with all sorts of interesting bits of information.   I have to add you also get free entry to the well and gardens plus more!

In the autumn edition was an article by companion Claire Dixon which really inspired me. It was about the lamplighter movement of which I had never heard of before but believe me when you read about this you too will want to light such a lamp.

It was initiated by the late Wellesley Tudor Pole who was the founder of Chalice Well, Wellesley Tudor Pole had been instrumental in the “Silent Minute” which was first adopted during the Second World War when Winston Churchill  instructed the BBC to broadcast the chimes of Big Ben at 9pm to the nation to promote a minute of silence as a means of spiritual focus and unity at a time of darkness.

I live in the beautiful county of Shropshire and Claire in her article then goes on to mention the National Trust Property “Attingham Park”.  This is about 20 minutes away from me and I have never been there, but today as I read this article I just knew that is where I was going.

In 1964 Wellesley Tudor Pole attended a conference hosted by Sir George Trevelyan at Attingham Park.  Sir George was the head of a higher education centre that was based there for many years.

According to Claire’s article Wesley had received a message which came from  “a great and lovely being” and this message was for a light to be lit in every home where the will to do good service is the watchword.  Wellesley at this time was beginning to age and he asked if Sir George would take on this project.  The project of lighting a lamp and dedicating it to the light and the light within in us all.  And so the Lamplighter movement was born.  The first light was lit in the upper window at Attingham Park on Midsummers day 1964.

Claire’s article goes on to mention that Attingham lies geographically more or less in the centre of England and almost as a centre of a wheel for light to radiate out along its spokes.

When I visited Attingham today I couldn’t find out much about this but down in the shop on the lower floors a light was burning, a pseudo candle with an amber flame.  Then in magnificent dining room all set for dinner many pseudo candles were burning.  When I mentioned this movement to a couple of the guides, or staff, none seemed to know of it and I thought how sad, so here I am writing this now to tell you.

It was requested that all the lamps be of amber as amber can be taken to represent the spiritual sun, the source of life.  This also connects very much to the sacral energy, the energy of the second chakra, the orange, the creative power, the goddess energy.

It is also very interesting to note that the house was built with two wings representing the male and female energies.  The East, the female part of the house, the west the male…  The sun rises in the East and sets in the West and here we find balance.

So as I end this blog now I would greatly encourage you to check out the following website for more information on the “Lamplighter Movement” in the hope that you too will be encouraged to dedicate a flame to the light.

With love light and rainbows and many thanks to Claire Dixon, a companion of the well for your inspiration.


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