Soul Plan Reading

A Soul Plan reading has its routes in ancient Gematria. It’s a profound tool for putting you in touch with your soul purpose.

Soul Plan readings make use of a new form of numerology which has recently hit the front line, right when humanity needs it most.

It is called “the Numerology of Moses” and it was originally channelled into form by visionary Frank Alper.

Soul Plan readings use the numerology of Moses which uses your name as it appears on your birth certificate. I also like to link in your birth chart which further adds to the accuracy of this system.

The awesome accuracy of this this numerology will give you a really empowering reading.

Soul Plan is a powerful system which can also be used to help understand your relationships, for naming children and for deciding a business name.

If you are looking for clarity, if you want to find out more about yourself then this reading offers you guidance on your soul purpose.

If you would like to arrange a Soul Plan Reading contact me for further information.

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