Soul Wellness Services Price List


Please contact me prior to payment to arrange an appointment time and for me to send you an invoice.


Please note that these prices are a guide line, Where this a need I will also work on donation or a sliding scale. Please contact me  to discuss further.


  • Soul Plan Coaching Individual Reading 60 mins first visit. £72.00
  • Soul Plan taster reading (about 25 mins)                                 £35.00
  • Soul Plan  Relationship Reading £72( you need to have had an individual reading first)
  • Soul Plan Numerology Optimize your name and/or business name for success £144/£3
  • Soul Transformation Therapy      £72.00


  • Homeopathy Consultation 90 mins first visit, including some remedies. £56.00
  • Homeopathy follow up £40.00
  • Homeopathy subscription £150  – full year of consultations .


  • Coaching for Wellness, designing the life you love   £55.00  (reduction for key workers)
  • Past life astrology report £15.00~ Get an insight into previous lives. Do you keep repeating old patterns and getting the same result. This is an interesting informative report, and good fun too.



Disclaimer : Readings are informative and can give deep insights, however the responsibility for the interpretation of the reading and subsequent actions remain your responsibility.