Please note that these prices are a guide line, Where this a need I will also work on donation or a sliding scale. Please contact me to discuss further.

Tailored for You

Soul Plan Coaching Individual Reading 60 mins first visit£ 72.00
Soul Plan taster reading£ 35.00
Soul Plan Relationship Reading £72( you need to have had an individual reading first)£ 72.00
Soul Plan Numerology Optimize your name and/or business name for success£ 72.00
Soul Transformation Therapy£ 72.00
Homeopathy Consultation 90 mins first visit, including some remedies.£ 56.00
Homeopathy follow up£ 40.00
Homeopathy subscription£ 150.00
Coaching for Wellness, designing the life you love£ 55.00

Vocational/Career Coaching

Past life astrology report.
Get an insight into previous lives. Do you keep repeating old patterns and getting the same result. This is an interesting informative report, and good fun too.
£ 15.00
Gift Vouchers available
A Journey to SoulWellness

Bespoke hypnotherapy recording £ 75.00

off the shelf hypnotherapy recordings are generic they are aimed at large numbers of people. Therefore its really a gamble whether they will work for you. Sometimes they will, sometimes they will not.
You are unique and will therefore respond much better to suggestions that are targeted especially for you. Following a consultation I will prepare a recording just for you which will be supplied on a memory stick or as an mp3

Zephorium Soul Tonicspurchase here