Past Life Regression

Are You Curious about past lives?

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Do you feel that something is holding you back, or perhaps you feel that you are going around in circles? Then perhaps past life regression can help you.

When I started on the this healing journey over 20 years ago, the first person that helped me told me that the issue that I was dealing with was related to a past life.  I was really sceptical but I had suffered with the issue that I was dealing with for over 7 years.  As a result of that visit after a few weeks the problem had gone.  Then over the years I have studied past life astrology and read many books on the subject.  I then decided to push it all on one side and move away from this.

After working with some clients it seemed like there was something that just wasn’t moving and they were just attracting the same old situations, so I decided to embrace past life regression and I have found it to be a really useful tool.

It would seem that we can get energetically stuck and past life regression can help remove this energy. This then frees us up to move on.

What happens in past life regression?

When you first book a session I will send you a recording to listen to. This will be a hypnosis recording to start you remembering. I will ask you to listen to this recording for a least 4 times before you visit me. Then we will schedule an appointment and you will come for the session. This session is usually around 2 to 3 hours long.  I use hypnosis to take you to a relevant past life.  As in all hypnosis sessions with me you will be safe and completely in control at all times.

I have some wonderful friends called essential oils that help me to help you when you go on a past life journey. Essential oils are able to bypass the limbic system and connect directly with distant memories. Have you ever smelt a certain smell and it has taken you straight back to a particular event or moment?  I find that these essential oils really help clients connect, reach an understanding and move on.  These oils are blends of oils and have names like, “forgive” “transformation” “console” “peace” and many more.  I use really high quality oils made by a company called Doterra – for further details see my oils website:        find out more about doterra essential oils here

And once you have visited a past life, how about visiting a future self and beginning to create a life of your dreams?

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