Numerology with knobs on!

I have worked with astrology for over 20 years. It has been part of my life for much longer as my mum had a number of books which I used to love to read as I was growing up. I have also worked with numerology for a number of years.

My interest in these subjects was sparked by a desire to know more about myself and by a search for a really meaningful career, one where I could help others, and feel like I was a making a positive difference.

In the right hands astrology and numerology can be incredibly empowering in helping you to find out who you really are. They are ultimately show you, your blueprint.

More recently a new numerology has hit the frontline, right when humanity needs it most. It is called “the Numerology of Moses” and it was originally chanelled into form by visionary Frank Alper who taught the system to Nicolas Ngan of the Centre for Conscious Ascension.

This numerology is what I call “Numerology with knobs on” not a very spiritually sounding term I know but it seemed at the time the best way to describe it.

There are two books on the subject, Your Soul Contract Decoded by Nicolas David Ngan and Soul Plan by Blue Marsden, both make good reading.

In my Soul Resonance Readings I use the numerology of Moses and link it with astrology, colour and sound to provide a reading that gets right to the core of who you are.

The awesome accuracy of this this numerology gives a really empowering reading. For me it was as if someone had just shown me a mirror.

I am a trained soul path/ soul plan practitioner and if you are an alternative practitioner then I highly recommend this system for helping you to help your clients.

If you would like to arrange a Soul Resonance Reading which is a blend of numerology, astrology, colour and sound, please contact me for further information.

May love and light prevail.


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