The Musical Spine ~ Re-tuning your soul

Musical Spine treatment

“There will come a time when a diseased condition of the soul life will not be described as it is today by the psychologists, but it will be spoken in musical terms, as one would speak, for instance of a piano that was out of tune”  Rudolph Steiner

colourspinepicThis amazing treatment uses tuning forks and colour on the meridian points of the spine.  Its a bit like acupuncture but without needles, I use tuning forks and color instead.  This wonderful treatment was created by Fabien Mamen of the Tama Do Academy.

What happens during treatment?

Following the completion of a questionnaire, you will be asked to lie face down on a the therapy couch.  You remain fully clothed and it is best to wear white or very light coloured clothes as the colour is thought to penetrate into the meridians more succesfully.

The testimonial of a recent client says it all.

” I have never felt so relaxed I felt like that I had just floated away, it seems like my life has just started to fall into place”  Angela

colourmusicnotestuning fork