Making Water Taste Nice Again

Would you like your water to taste nice again?     


I wish I had a pound for every time I was told to drink more water and then another pound for every time since that I have told someone else to drink more water.

The human body is said to be composed of around 70% water.  Water keeps us hydrated and allows our bodies to carry out its many functions. Tea, coffee, carbonated sugary drinks or sugar free drinks are not  good substitutes for water.

We are extremely lucky in this country and many countries of the western world to have access to drinking water straight from a tap in our houses.  Very lucky indeed.


The only problem with tap water is that during its treatment process, in order for it to reach us in a drinkable form, it has had a number of undesirable chemicals added to it.  It has been suggested that these chemicals are not always good for us.  The water that comes into our houses will have come from a number of different sources, it can come from wells, reservoirs or it can also be treated river water.  If its river water then it will need to have been treated with a number of chemicals to get rid of the residues of that river water.  Further chemicals like aluminium are then added to correct the PH so that chlorine can be added.

What ends up at your tap depends on where you live and some water sources are better than others but it most cases it doesn’t taste very nice.  If you are a tea drinker you can often taste the chlorine in your tea and that’s just not pleasant.

Fluoride is added in most areas too, and this is highly controversial as to some of us that is mass medication.  Fluoride is a by product of the aluminium industry and that just cant be a good thing to put in the water.

Please don’t just take my word for it though as there is plenty of information out there on the web about water and its treatment and I feel that it is always best for people like you to research this yourselves but one thing that is definitely true is that your body needs water, good quality water to stay hydrated, its as important to you as good air to breathe. ( and unfortunately that’s becoming a bit of a problem too.)

Yes we are very lucky indeed to have water delivered direct to our houses but if you want it to taste nice again and remove chemicals like chlorine and fluoride then you are going to need to filter it.  There are a range of water filters available and quite a lot of different prices too.  If you usually buy bottled water then please buy it in glass as planet Earth is really struggling with the amount of plastic that is produced.  Or better still invest in a good quality water filter.

So far one of my favourites is from the company Nikken, their PI Mag Waterfall holds 5 litres and each filter, filters 900 litres of water.  At the current price of £255 , on purchase each litre costs you only .48p.  Once you have bought the unit and you are just buying replacement filters then its just 4 pence a litre! (prices based on current costs in May 2018)  This filter can remove Fluoride and Chlorine and other chemicals t00, it also makes the water alkaline which helps to combat very acidic diets.  The water also passes by a magnet which restructures the water there have been reports that this make the water  more bioavailable which means it is more hydrating,



Follow this link to find out more about the Nikken Pi Mag Waterfall – making water taste nice again


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