Law of Attraction

IF I said that you were a being of light, a spiritual being in a human body, a Vibrational Energy Being, how does that make you feel?

DO you believe that?

I have worked with astrology and numerology for many years and I am often asked by clients how does astrology and numerology fit in with the law of attraction. If we are these unlimited spiritual beings how can we be confined by a system like astrology or numerology?

WELL, which every way we look at it, both systems do seem to show us who we are. They are ancient systems of describing our vibrational code. I have known people who have changed their names and I have seen them become completely different. Why is this?

BECAUSE it’s all about the vibration of whom we are. We are at our core, energy. We are vibrational beings; we have an energy signature and a resonance. According to the Law of Attraction, what we resonate at ( or vibrate at) we attract.

SO as Vibrational Beings, how can we be confined by systems like astrology or numerology? Is your life pre-determined?

I don’t think it is. I think that we have within us a vast potentiality for being almost anything. We these energy beings are placed within a physical system, the body, the body is the vehicle. It is confined by physical laws but the spiritual being can mould the clay of the physical.

THE planets have an effect on our physicality – we know for example the moon affects the tides and we as humans are said to be made up of 70% water, then it stands to reason that the moon will have an effect on us. The other planets have different effects on us; they correspond to different parts of our physicality. The sun is our core, our heart, the moon is our feelings, and mercury corresponds to communication. If you have trouble believing this, then just wait for the next mercury retrograde period and watch what happens with your communications.

SO for me astrology and numerology give us our blueprint. Much like you would have a drawing to build a house. Once the house has been built though, you can add extensions, conservatories and more. You can even knock it all down and start again. Linda Goodman a great astrologer said that the birth chart was like a karmic play pen; it kept you in check until you were conscious enough to move beyond.

THIS reading really highlights and shows you your blueprint. Its like a mirror for you soul.

FROM that point, knowing who you are and having an understanding of all that has shaped you, you can move forward into your full potential and choose how you shape your life, in line with your heart’s desire.

heart rainbowUSING quantum energy techniques like Matrix ReimprintingTM , Soul Coaching, Vibrational Remedies, Sound and Colour you embark on a journey to Soulwellness.

MY heart to yours – I love this work

Hi Jane, I am going to use the words Huge and Gargantious Thank you for your reading. I know I was fizzing on Saturday and I have listened to all just now and will do again over the coming weeks. From a soul perspective it is awesome and from a human perspective the way you explained the process and concepts was clear and engaging. Being able to link all of this together is key. Thank you for using your box of delights and magic to inspire.


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