SoulWellness Coaching Packages

Soulwellness Coaching Packages

10 week Platinum Package- 

The package includes the following:-

  1. Soul Plan/Soul Resonance Reading, using astrology, the numerology of Moses and Colour to highlight your Gifts and Talents and to make you aware of any possible challenges and to suggest ways to overcome them.
  2. Designed to help you get crystal clear about what you want and what needs to be change
  3. How to implement your desired changes
  4. 10 sessions in total – one to one or by skype or phone
  5. Email support

Buy Now  £555


Money back guarantee – I love what I do and its great to watch people making changes and living more of a life they want.  However, if after the first session of the platinum package  you decide this is not for you I offer a full refund.

Soulwellness – Soul Resonance Starter Package £99heart rainbow

Are you resonating with your Soul? Do you need a Soul Re-tune?

Why not embark on a journey to Soulwellness?

This package includes a soul reading, and a musical spine treatment and/or resonance remedies.

When we incarnate into this world, the majority of us have forgotten what we came for. It’s a bit like you are upstairs at home and think of something which is downstairs, when you get downstairs you have forgotten what you came for.

I believe that each of us have a Unique Gift to offer the world. There is something that you can do that nobody else can do the way you can.

Not knowing what our gift is can leave us feeling depressed, disconnected and with a vague feeling of knowing that we could be doing something else that would bring us more peace and happiness but we just don’t know what it is. We carry on doing the same old things, behaving in the same old ways, longing for change but having no idea what to do about it. At other times it seems as if life takes over and we get made redundant or experience a relationship break up and more.

If this message speaks to you and you would like to know more about what you came here to do, then I can help you find the answers. Your soul purpose is not about your job title for in truth it is only the ego that is interested in the title. Your soul purpose is about the energy of you, your soul qualities e.g. peacemaker, communicator etc

I work with astrology, numerology, colour and sound  to get to the core of who you are, to help you find the original blueprint that you came in with.  My aim is to help you find clarity and to give you a map for this journey and a connection to your soul. Once we have uncovered  your soul qualities  I use flower essences, homeopathy and EFT to support the process.

This package includes

  1. Soul Resonance reading, using soul path numerology, astrology and Colour
  2. Musical spine treatment  and tuning forks ( available in Wolverhampton or Tamworth- home visits may be available in some cases, please ask)

This process can be particularly useful at life stage changes such as:-

  • redundancy
  • job changes
  • a feeling of stuckness and lack of life direction
  • divorce
  • loss of a loved one
  • or it can be just a great treatment for understanding who you are

TO BUY The Soul WellnessStarter Package is £99.00

Consultations can take place in Tamworth or Wolverhampton, or home visits available by request but may incur an extra charge.

For further details, please contact Jane by email.