Homeopathy for children

babyHomeopathy is one of the oldest most accepted forms of natural medicine.

The benefits of using homeopathic remedies for children and families a like cannot be underestimated.  With just a simple knowledge of remedies it is possible to treat minor ailments and obtain relief from symptoms. For the parent it is wonderfully reassuring to have something that they can turn to, perhaps in the middle of the night, or whilst waiting for the GP appointment.

Homeopathy is holistic and takes into account the whole person, that is to say, it treats the whole person, not just the symptoms. Having an alternative way of treating minor ailments is becoming more vital especially as the current efficacy and use of antibiotics is under question.

To identify the correct remedy you will often have to make careful observations of your child, particularly if they are very young, or unable to talk.

Consider the following

  • When did the problem start, e.g. was it after the child got wet, after being out

In the wind, did it come on suddenly or did it develop gradually

  • Skin colour, e.g. facial flushing or paleness
  • Temperament is the child weepy, anxious or fearful etc.
  • Location – where’s the pain
  • Sensation- what does it feel like
  • Better/worse- what makes them better, e.g. they may seem better after a drink, or it may be worse if they move but better when they are still
  • Appetite/thirst

This month we will look at homeopathic remedies for colds.


Given at the beginning of colds, first sign of illness, also good for shock.

Colds that come on suddenly perhaps after getting wet or chilled

Sore throat, dry cough

High temperature, thirsty

Symptoms improve in the open air or by throwing off the bed clothes

Symptoms worse by cold winds, lying on affected side, midnight


Also useful at the beginning of colds,

Brightly flushed face, dull eyes, swollen glands (e.g. throat)

Severe throbbing pains, throat, ears, toothache

Dry cough

Symptoms improve from warmth and sitting up

Symptoms worse afternoon and at night, from noise, touch, lying down


Slow onset of flu or colds, tiredness, heaviness of limbs, sneezing, sore throat,

Running nose, shivering.

Nervousness, worry (even consider nervousness when needing to return to school after a cold)

Symptoms improve in the open air, after urinating

Symptoms worse about 10am, hot rooms

Allium cepa

Nose, profuse dripping watery acid, irritating discharge.

Violent sneezing fits, hot and thirsty

Eyes burning, smarting

Tickling cough that hurts the larynx

Symptoms improve in the open air

Symptoms worse in a warm room

Nat Mur

Watery discharge from the nose, thick, may be white

Sneezing fits

Nose alternatively runs or is blocked, maybe sores inside

Eyes watering in the wind, maybe cold sores, dry cracked lips

Very thirsty

Sensitive, may seem depressed, wants to be left alone

Symptoms improve with fresh air, sweating and cool bath.

Symptoms worse mid-morning, sun, warmth,


Child wants to be fussed, carried, wants attention, whiny, clingy

Usually later stages of a cold with thick, green, yellow mucous, bad smelling

Loss of smell and taste, no or little thirst

Symptoms improve in open air or by open window, (like body warm) but access to fresh air

Symptoms worse in the evening.

How to Give Remedies

Remedies need to be given in a clean mouth 15 mins prior to food/drink or after and can be chewed or sucked. Remedies are available in different potencies (energetic strength) for acute conditions give 1 dose every hour for 6 doses and then 3 times a day. In chronic cases start with 1 dose 3 times a day. Remedies can be purchased in 30c or 6c.

A 30 c is best for acute and a 6c for chronic. In acute situations where you only have a 6c, just give the remedy more often.

Acute – something like a cold, or flu, an illness, or injury that happens reasonably suddenly

Chronic – an on-going condition like eczema, asthma

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