About me

 Wellness is  my passion, I love to  help women like you achieve Wellness.

What is wellness? wellness is about feeling happy, being as healthy as we are able to be, knowing that we are being the best version of ourselves that we can be.

I offer a one stop therapy stop for women. Using hypnotherapy and reflexology I can teach you how to relax and bring more relaxation into your life. Using homeopathy, hypnotherapy and reflexology I can show you different ways to help you deal with life changes and transitions.  Using NLP life coaching I can help you tackle your issues and help you find solutions.

Perhaps you would like to make changes in your life, but you aren’t sure where to start,…… perhaps  this could be the place to start?

Primarily my role is all about supporting  you to help you reach your goals.  I offer a practical structured system to help you nothing feels betterbecome clear about what you want, whether that is for example a new job, relationship, better health , weight loss, stopping smoking, more confidence, more clarity , you decide and then I am like a sat nav , helping you on your way.

Once we  have established where to start, then we can work together on a one to one basis to help you achieve your desired outcome.  I want to make it clear that it is you that make the changes but I am here as a facilitator for you.

You the client decide what is most important .   For some clients I use numerology and astrology, as some people have found this useful.  For others I just use a straightforward NLP Coaching Model.

I have been working in the complementary health field for over 20 years.

These wonderful complementary therapies opened up a whole new world and lead me on a journey of  self -discovery. It is now my greatest passion to help you on your journey to self-discovery, to help you reach your goals and live the life of your dreams.

I started by training in massage and reflexology and then progressed into  Homeopathy  and NLP Coaching.

Astrology and numerology helped me to understand myself better and I now use these tools to help others if requested, because despite at first being the worst sceptic, I have found them to be amazingly accurate.

Your astrological chart is like the blueprint of you.

It is my passion to be able to be a facilitator for women and to assist in making the changes that are wanted; or to help women adjust to changes that happen.

I believe that if you can get to the core of who you are, your wants, your needs, your desires then that is the foundation for creating a life that you love.

Many of my clients begin the coaching journey using soul plan and astrology. For others we use a straightforward outcome method.

In previous roles I have worked in experiential education, the NHS, New Homes Market  and I have taught complementary therapies at a local college.

I am based in the beautiful village of Albrighton. Albrighton is known as the home of the English Rose where the beautiful gardens of the famous David Austin are based.  A visit to these beautiful gardens is highly recommended.

Please contact me if you would like further information or also check out my other website



Jane Harbord LCPH

Wellness Coach

NLP Practitioner

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Smoking Cessation Specialist

Weight Management Coach

Alliance of Registered Homeopaths  http://www.a-r-h.org

Federation of Holistic Therapists   www.fht.org.uk

IIHHT body massage

IIHHT Reflexology

IIHHT indian Head massage

Reiki Master

EFT Master Practitioner

AMET  Association of  Meridian Energy  Therapies www.theamt.com