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The Soul wellness system is for women, women like you.

The Soul Wellness System is a one stop therapy shop for women.  I think us women are special and sometimes we need a little extra TLC.

The Soul wellness System is a practical structured system primarily aimed at women. I deal with young women just making career choices, young women looking to instigate a work life balance, women who are time poor over extending themselves and forever taking on more and more, and those just in need of some me time and relaxation.

The Soulwellness System offers, Soul path reading, NLP Coaching, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy,Reflexology and more…..

I deal with women who are experiencing change and transition.  I am a woman so I feel well qualified in the subject of womanhood.

I also deal with women who want to overcome addictions and lose weight.

Let’s face it us women are different from men, particularly when it comes to hormones. Only a woman really understands what it is like to suffer with PMT, only a woman carries a child and gives birth.  I know that it has been said that men experience a type of menopause and that could be true, but it will still be very different from what a woman experiences.

Women like you and me are naturally connected to the cycles of life. The monthly cycle of bleeding every 28 days links with the 28 day cycle of the moon.  The moon has quite an effect on the tides too and as our bodies are composed of 75% water it is no surprise that that the moon affects us.

The Soul Wellness System has been created by a woman for women.

If you are a woman and would like to know more about how I might be able to help you then contact me now for a free 30 minute break through session.

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Jane Harbord

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Complementary therapies are complementary to orthodox health care and not a replacement.