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red-heart-with-keyA Soul Reading will take you to the heart of who you are

  • Would you like a map for your life?
  • Do you feel that you have lost direction in your life?

Whether you are a man or a woman there are times in life where you might like to have more clarity about your soul purpose.

A soul reading links soul path analysis, which is based
on the vibration of your birth name, with astrology, colour and sound.

A soul path reading can help you understand your purpose in this life ~ it can really help you find the meaning of your life to help you make sense of some of  the things that life throws at you.

Soul Path Analysis is based upon the sound vibration of your birth name.  A soul path reading is very powerful experience which many find uplifting, empowering and even emotional.

These readings can be very powerful and also very helpful. Used alongside traditional methods of coaching they can provide assistance and reassurance.  It is like having a map for your life.

There comes a time in all of our lives when we begin to question why we are here and what is life all about.  The system which has produced this report is one of many tools that can assist you in discovering your true life purpose and direction. Through the use of this empowering system you will witness the revealing of your karmic challenges, talents and goals that impact on your current incarnation.


I link Soul Path analysis with astrology, colour and sound to take you to the core of who you are. (for more information on soul  path/soul plan please click onto my resources page).

The above Soul plan charge belongs to Prince Rogers Nelson, when you look at his chart you can see that the 7-7 appears 3 times.  The 7-7 is linked to communication, networking and we can from the symbol that it looks like chains linking. That is what the 7-7 is all about.  The soul plan /path chart is created from using Prince’s full name with any knowledge of his birth date.  Below is the astrology chart of Prince and we can see he was born at the beginning of June. His sun sign was Gemini.  Gemini is all about communication and linked with the planet mercury the messenger.  I think that we can all agree that this man was very much the messenger.

His worldly challenges which are the 6-6 are linked with focus, being able to focus. He probably found it very difficult to focus and when I read about him I learnt that as a child he had epilepsy. Then one day he went to his mum and said he wasn’t going to be sick anymore . She asked him why and he said that an angel told him.  Guess what he wasn’t sick anymore.  His connections to Angels and worldly service can be seen in the 10-1 of his woridly goals, this is very much a service energy and links with Archangel Michael.

His soul destiny the 5-5 , shows a  sensitive soul that wanted to be inspirational and he was certainly that . The 5-5 also links with Aries (very inspirational adventurous people) and in his astrology chart it shows his south node of the moon in Aries. The south node of the moon is possibly linked to past lives, so it is possibly that he had learnt his inspirational qualities in another lifetime.  Scorpio on the ascendant gave us a very charismatic man.


The numerology part of this reading is has its roots in ancient Hebrew Gematria. Your Soul Path is decoded from the sound vibration of your birth name and are then applied to your chart in the form of the Shatkona, the six pointed star. The Shatkona comprises two interlocking triangles, the upper pointing triangle stands for Shiva and the lower pointing triangle to Shakti. In relation to your soul path this is highly relevant as this suggests that your Soul Destiny is born from the two aspects of worldly and spiritual experiences.

Perhaps even the  Ego and the Soul.

Astrology shows you your soul sign, where your soul is headed in this lifetime which is strongly linked with the Soul Destiny of Soul Path.

The Colour element is once again derived from your date of birth and this is weaves in with your reading. Then using tuning forks you tune into your Soul. This then is a Soul Resonance reading.

I am going to use the words Huge and Gargantious Thank you for your reading.

I know I was fizzing on Saturday and I have listened to all just now and will do again over the coming weeks.

From a soul perspective it is awesome and from a human perspective the way you explained the process and concepts was clear and engaging.

Being able to link all of this together is key.

Jayne, Thank you for using your box of delights and magic to inspire and spark me and mine.   Namaste

The birth chart is a guide, it does not fix our life in stone. It can show us what we came here to learn and how we can throw some light on where we need to go to be the best we can.

Hippocrates was known as the “Father of Medicine”. He made a study of astrology, and in his work “Corpus Hippocraticum” stated that attention must be paid to the rise of the stars when treating or working with a person.

We are all connected and many of seem to sense that we are connected to the planetary energies of a dynamic universe. We are the microcosm within the macrocosm.

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